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Why start with a tourbillon, though? Ferrier says, "There are some complications like a split-seconds clock that I love, but they are delicate and must be treated with care as they are fragile." The tourbillon's difficulty in setting up and maintaining a proper balance is what I love about it. It runs with great stability once it is done correctly. It was important to me that my first watch was reliable and that every owner had a wonderful experience with it.

Ferrier made his Classic Tourbillon Double Spiral a masterpiece of subtlety by placing his tourbillon at its back. Ferrier says, "This was very important for me. My watch should be a symbol for discrete elegance and the owner can keep the complexity of the watch to himself. He can share it with his friends, but only when and where he chooses." hublot big bang replica watches were a beacon of calm and dignity in a world that is dominated by social media and oversharing. This was a sign of sensibility and taste in 2008,audemars piguet replica watches when the world was swept up in a financial crisis. This concept of discrete elegance may be more relevant in 2020 than ever, post-COVID-19. Ferrier says, "Eventually, I was asked to create a version where the tourbillon could view from the front. But whenever I can, my watches are the ultimate statement of restrained beauty."

His caliber LF 619, which measures 31.6mm wide and 5.57mm thick, is not restrained in his first horological presentation. hublot big bang replica and Christian Ferrier, his son, created this movement.tag heuer replica They reached out to former colleagues and friends from their time at the famed manufacture. After working at Patek Philippe, they moved to Franck Müller to work with Pierre-Michel Golay, Gerald Genta, on a grand sonnerie. Their greatest achievement would be the creation of the movement with Laurent and Christian Ferrier. Ferrier says, "There have been many beautiful toursbillon movements. But my favorite were 19th-century pocket watches with Vallee de Joux Ebauches. We decided to make a movement that reflected this style of watchmaking. We also wanted to add a technical dimension to our tourbillon. We came up with the concept of a double balance spring.

Christian Ferrier.

Caliber LF 619.01

Christian Ferrier says, "The double spiral or balance spring idea has to do optimizing concentric breathing." A balance spring that is oriented in one direction or the other will develop more in one direction. Watches can take on different positions throughout the day which can cause friction issues for some of the balance elements, such as the balance staff.Rolex Daytona Replica Ferrier describes it as head-to-tail. This is where two balance springs are placed in opposite directions. The springs can offset each other and allow for uniform and regular development. This is especially useful in combating gravity-related errors. We thought it was particularly important to improve the performance of our tourbillon using the double balance spring solution, as Abraham-Louis Breguet originally designed the tourbillon to compensate for gravity errors on the delicate regulating organs of watch, especially the balance spring.

Diagrams of the opposing hairsprings.

A small seconds indicator is powered by the tourbillon cage on the dial side.

hublot big bang replica says, "Every element of the watch should be meaningful and rooted in historical significance." It is fascinating to use a double-balance spring in any movement to offset gravitational errors. But it is even more meaningful to use in a tourbillon as you can imagine Breguet delighted by this idea. This innovative solution was created by Ferrier through Precision Engineering AG. The two balance springs are better at holding the center of the balance axis,franck muller replica watches even though they rotate within a minute cage. Ferrier uses a proprietary material that was invented by Reinhard Straumann.

The beauty of the architecture is what makes the hublot big bang replica Tourbillon caliber LF 619.01 so extraordinary. Bridges are powerful and masculine horizontal expressions of masculine design. Your eye follows the path from barrel to second wheel to third wheels. The gear train is clearly defined. hublot big bang replica chose a different design than most tourbillons. hublot big bang replica's third wheel engages with the pinion in the tourbillon cage. The third wheel drives an intermediate rim wheel that engages directly with the outside of the tourbillon enclosure. This tourbillon cage turns a small seconds indicator onto the dial side.hublot big bang replica It is a wonderful detail.

hublot big bang replica says, "I was shocked to discover that there were little tourbillons with sub-seconds indicators at six o’clock. It is probably due to the difficulty of creating a functional second indicator on top the tourbillon. I have always loved the beauty and elegance of a three-hand chronometer. When I was able to create my tourbillon I wanted it to look exactly like the front of the dial.

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