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Racing is a partnership

Ferrier found his rhythm in his early years and was able to enjoy both watchmaking and racing. He didn't know that his friendship would take him to the podium at the 1979 24 Hours of Le Mans and lead him to the creation of his own brand. He says, "During this time I started racing very competitively. In 1975, I started competing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.Calibre de Cartier Replica Watches Francois Servanin, who is my business partner and President of LAURENTFERRIER watches, was also there. He was an interesting man. Francois was already a well-known name for his work in developing race engines, and he was an emerging driver on endurance-racing circuit. Francois was 11th overall at Le Mans 1978 and the first driver in the grand touring category in a Porsche 911. In the same year, I was 10th overall and took first place in the Chevron ROC's under-two-liter category. We raced in a Kremer-prepared Porsche 935 in 1979 because of our friendship and mutual respect.

Ferrier's racing career would bring Ferrier to Francois Servanin who became President and main shareholder of LAURENTFERRIER watches. Here we see the two men at Le Mans wearing racing gear

Paul Newman finished second in the same race with his co-driver. It's amazing to imagine Ferrier and Servanin enjoying the same paddock with Newman and his team. Ferrier laughs, "People often refer to us as being on the same podium with Paul Newman, but Le Mans doesn't have a podium to speak of." We were aware of him because he was our rival. Rolf Stommelen, his co-driver, impressed us greatly. Despite my many racing successes, I never won any money. It wasn't until 1979 that I was awarded a substantial cash prize. Francois accepted a portion of the money and I gave him a Patek Philippe Nautilus. Francois and I would often talk about the possibility of doing something together. He suggested that we start our own watch company that evening. Although it was intriguing to me,tag heuer replica watches I loved my job at Patek and decided to put it on hold for many more years until I felt ready.

Ferrier would spend 37 years at the watchmaking Maison before he felt ready to start his own brand. This is a striking contrast to the many young, upstart watchmakers eager to share their vision of horology with the world. Ferrier felt that he had to first fulfill his employer's obligation and then wait until his vision of watchmaking reached its highest expression potential. Ferrier recalls that he went to his superiors to express his opinion. They initially thought it was strange that I would leave within a few years of my retirement and the benefits it would bring. I explained that I was leaving to start my own brand. It was unusual for someone my age to move to start something new in their 60s. It was the right time, I realized. I was motivated by the possibility of working with Christian, my son who was at Roger Dubuis developing movement development. It is a father's dream to be able create something with his son. It's also a complementary relationship. He loves the technical aspects of the movements, but I love the design aspects of the watch.diamond hublot big bang replica I prefer to be focused on the design aspects while I enjoy the technical aspects. However, he is passionate about design. This was our chance to make the watch we dreamed of, and the watch that we would wear. We wanted a watch that would last, that would be timeless and that reflected the great watchmaking tradition that we both love. The watch should also reflect the dynamic contrast that I often speak of. A beautiful, discrete language on dial and then a vision of virtuoso movementmaking on the movement sides." diamond hublot big bang replica's first vision for high-quality watchmaking accomplished all of that.

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