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The Story of hublot big bang red devil replica: The Man

Ferrier says, "I was raised around watches so it was natural that I would end up working in them." It is the same for me as it was for Christian. My father was an expert in grand complications, and my passion for it was especially strong early on. His stories about how timekeeping was linked to human history were a source of inspiration for me. Ferrier discovered that the marine chronometer was the tool which allowed man safely navigate the oceans." However, he was also attracted to auto racing from a young age. He feels that this added to his passion for watchmaking in a unique manner. He says, "I started out in local races but quickly gravitated towards endurance racing. The idea of trying to be perfect and consistent with every lap was what attracted me.Patek Philippe Replica Watches This is what attracted me to horology. The idea of trying to express something perfectly. Racing taught me a lot of details. It can have a negative impact on the outcome of your race if your car isn't properly prepared, if it isn't mentally focused, and if you don't enter each turn at the correct speed or angle, you will lose control.

Ferrier's approach to watchmaking was very similar in that he had to maintain mental discipline, character integrity, and focus. Ferrier says that every element of watches makes a difference in the final outcome. This is what I tried to apply to LAURENTFERRIER watches. Ours is a restrained design language. Some might say minimalist. But if you take a look at the details (the color density of each marker, the shape and curve of the sapphire-crystal crown), Ferrier would quickly see that racing and watchmaking both required all of his senses. This would be a valuable insight that would help him in his later years. Ferrier explains that his father used to encourage him to feel and touch the watches he made when he was younger to help him develop a sense of their tactile This is similar to driving. You see with your eyes, but control the car using your hands. The seat allows you to feel the interaction between the car and your body.

Ferrier explained that his sense of horological predestination led to him attending watchmaking school, where he graduated at the top in his class. Ferrier was able to see clearly from an early age what type of watchmaking he liked. Ferrier explains that he presented his Montre d'Ecole to the public in 1968 when he was 16. This was to show that he wanted to create a more elegant and pure form of watchmaking. Over the next 40 years, I would define and learn the codes that would guide my watchmaking vision.hublot big bang red devil replica I would love simplicity and purity of design, combined with very ambitious technical innovation. The dynamic tension between a watch that looks elegantly and gracefully simple from the front and the intricate details of the movement is what I love.

hublot big bang red devil replica's Montre d'Ecole (or "School Watch"), which he presented to the world in 1968.

hublot big bang red devil replica